The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has entered into a number of software license agreements for commonly used software such as operating systems and productivity software. 

There is no charge back to departments for use of the software included in this page.

The software made available for download from these pages can only be installed on University of Minnesota owned computers & devices &/or "qualified desktops" that will be used for the benefit of the Organization.  Microsoft goes on to include that a "Qualified Desktop" means any device* that is used for the benefit of the Organization.  * (1) a personal desktop computer, portable computer, workstation, or similar device capable of running Windows Professional locally (in a physical or virtual operating system environment) or (2) a device used to access a virtual desktop infrastructure ("VDI").  

See this page for OIT's Software Terms & Conditions.  

  • Many departmental IT staff already have these images downloaded and ready to be installed on staff, faculty, lab and classroom UMN owned computers. If you have not yet, you should check with your Regional Zone IT Support to make sure you are not duplicating efforts by downloading software.
  • If questions about software, software licenses, or software license issues cannot be answered by going to OIT's Software page, you can contact

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