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KMS Server Information

The Windows OS, Windows Server and most Office software available through this site activates against a Key Management Server (KMS). You should not need to manually enter this information, but in case your software does not seem to activate please follow the  directions found on THIS PDF document.

Checksum md5 & Image Size Information

Image Names, File Names, Size and Checksums

Product Name File Name Size Checksums
 Adobe Acrobat Pro XI for Win
Acrobat_Pro_11_Win.exe 501.2 MB
 Adobe Acrobat Pro XI for Mac
 580.2 MB

Mac OS 10.6 'Snow Leopard' Mac_OS_X_10.6_Install_DVD.dmg 5.2 GB b91cd83c0f7bb533ea837f6ffa96ddce
Bootcamp Windows Support Mac_OS_X_10.6_Bootcamp_Windows_Support.iso 988.9 MB 432528d352e948b81ebbee0c4ff071cc
Mac OS 10.7 'Lion' Mac_OS_X_10.7.dmg 3.5 GB b5d3753c62bfb69866e94dca9336a44a
Mac OS 10.8 'Mountain Lion' Mac_OS_X_10.8_Installer.dmg 4.0 GB 74891dc189d199d3124cf857330a08a6
Office Enterprise 2007 for Win office_2007_ent.iso 559.7 MB ef8716952f6d7c97042242dc877bfa63
Office 2008 for Mac Office2008Mac.dmg 527.2 MB 5035a532a0d625fd8d368a1feb866309
Office Pro Plus 2010 32-bit for Win Office_Professional_Plus_2010_W32-bit_UMN.iso 737 MB 3dde5a6c044d3c369e685c12194f99c1
Office Pro Plus 2010 64-bit for Win Office_Professional_Plus_2010_64Bit_UMN.iso 816 MB d7d9a71934c5542d44525d2885dc3600
Office 2011 with SP3 for Mac Office_Mac_Standard_2011.ISO 927.1 MB cd180db30b9851da6a55545457bc36aa
Office Pro Plus 2013 32-bit for Win Office_Professional_Plus_2013_32-bit_UMN.iso 710.3 MB da7db39d7dc734e7808ff0c3fadef75b
Office Pro Plus 2013 64-bit for Win Office_Professional_Plus_2013_64-bit_UMN.iso 813.8 MB a8b66bcda253c77181fdaeca26f88033
System Center 2012 R2 v. Endpoint Protection for Linux OS and Macintosh OS FULL Install System_Center_2012_R2_v. 207.5 MB
System Center 2012 R2 v. Endpoint Protection for Mac OSSystem_Center_2012_R2_v. MB
System Center 2012 R2 v. Endpoint Protection for Windows System_Center_2012_4.5.216.0_Endpoint_Protection_Win_Install.exe 24.5 MB 65c3891c7566c30351836f67c90f0c60426c3bfe
Windows 7 with SP1 32-bit UMN_WIN7_ENT32_SP1.ISO 2.3 GB c978b04702ab5804c0db0222a6eb557c
Windows 7 with SP1 64-bit UMN_WIN7_ENT64_SP1.ISO 3.0 GB 9f253904019fa8595c2cfd613e081318
Windows Ent 8 32-bit Win_Ent_8_32-BIT_Full_KMS.iso 2.4 GB 0e19f94afc1cb6c5b8ba18d91a8b1450
Windows Ent 8 64-bit Win_Ent_8_64-BIT_FULL_KMS.iso 3.4 GB 92b96863effbc8076bace4a944a1e8d3
Windows Ent 8.1 32-bit Win_Ent_8_1_32-bit_KMS_Final.iso 2.8 GB 28ec9ea5c428d1a1da081b57d765a186
Windows Ent 8.1 64-bit Win_Ent_8_1_64-bit_KMS_Final.iso 3.7 GB ee34025eea5ca7a67e229b89d6578a71
Windows Server Standard 2012 Win_Svr_Std_and_DataCtr_2012_64-bit.ISO 3.4 GB ff95a8c5207c880b099b7f34dba941b6
Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 Win_Svr_Std_and_DataCtr_2012_R2_64-bit_KMS_Final.iso 4.1 GB e858c625fc939eef620f323be808a6de