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Below you will find images for Adobe Acrobat*, Adobe LiveCycle, JMP and Microsoft Office for install on UMN owned computers only.

The software provided below, unless otherwise noted, will activate against our Key Management Server (KMS), therefore product keys are NOT required.

Adobe® Acrobat®:

You can find an Adobe Acrobat Pro install guide here.  

Windows computers managed by Central IT can use the Software Center to install Acrobat. Information on doing that can be found here.

Adobe Acrobat for Windows Image

Adobe LiveCycle Designer for Windows Image

*Beginning with Acrobat Pro XI the functionality of LiveCycle Designer was replaced with a built in feature called Forms Central

Adobe Acrobat for Mac Image

*Beginning January 12, 2015 OIT began providing Adobe Acrobat Pro on this website, for no additional charge, to UMN departments.   Any computer owned by UMN can have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on it.  For installation on computers managed by central IT, (see this list of centrally-supported units), select Adobe Acrobat Pro from Advertised Programs on your computer.

Home Use Rights: Additionally, under our license agreement, for a fee of $9.75 each, every employee is allowed to have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on up to 1 personally owned computer, the software can be used for UMN related business as well as for personal use.   Faculty and Staff that wish to install Adobe Acrobat on their personally owned device will need to purchase their Home Use license and obtain the software license download from our Kivuto OnTheHub Store.  

If you have questions about this licensing change please send an email to

Useful references from Adobe

If you need to use Office for personal use, you can Learn How to Download MS Office 365 Pro Plus Software free of charge from this page.

Office for Windows:

Version 2016

Microsoft strongly urges that people use the 32 bit version of Office 2016 over the 64 bit version, see more information here.

No key required

Version 2013

No key required

Version 2010

No key required

Version 2007

Click here to view the product key for this version.

Office for Mac:

Version 2016

No key required.  Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

Version 2011

No key required

Version 2008

No key required

Useful references from Microsoft

  • To check for updates to your installed product:
    • Open the any of the Office apps
    • From the Menu click Help
    • Check for Updates

July 1, 2016 IT Directors agreed to move the JMP software into the Common Good pool.  Any staff, faculty or student system-wide can install JMP on the computer that they use for UMN related Teaching, Learning or Research.  

The software has a code that will expire June 30, 2017.  When we get the updated code we will update the image found on this website & will add the new license file here so you can apply it.  

System requirements & and illustrated install guide can be found here:

JMP Pro:

Version 13

Version 12.x

If you are interested in using JMP Genomics, please email the OIT Software License team at to request more information.