This Windows OS & server OS software will activate against our Key Management Server (KMS), therefore a product key is NOT required.

Windows Server:

If you are joined to the Universities AD, the server software should automatically connect to the KMS server, if it does not please follow the instructions provided through the Image & KMS Info tab.  

Unlimited Windows Server Standard CALs are included in our Microsoft (EES) Agreement.  If you need to run Windows Server DataCenter (or older version of Enterprise) you must purchase CALs.  You can purchase them off of our Microsoft Select Plus agreement, currently being managed by CDW-G.  To order them, go to UMarket, click 'Shop Now', log in if prompted, find the link/logo for CDW-G, click the link 'Level II Product', then click the link 'PunchOut', that will take you to UMN's CDW-G landing page.  From there, you might need to scroll down a bit until you see the heading for 'Software Agreements', once there, click the Microsoft Logo that has 'Microsoft Select Plus Licensing' listed under it.  Once within the Select Plus catalog, find the 'Search Within [Add Keyword] Go' box, enter your search.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our CDW-G rep, Matt Lubawski,

Useful references from Microsoft: